Building a powerful brand and an engaging website are only the first steps to growing your business in the digital jungle. Being seen and heard online is an ongoing challenge all businesses face. We are here to help you ROAR loud and clear!

We work with you, and your team, to create a strategic marketing plan that combines:

  • Google & Facebook Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video Marketing
  • Direct Email Marketing
  • Press Releases for Online Publications & Blogs
  • Search Engine Analytics

Your customized campaign also includes a monthly return on investment (ROI) report. We review this report with you and adjust the marketing plan to continually focus on methods that prove to have the largest return on investment.

Why Invest in Online Marketing? 

Google & Facebook Advertising

Google owns over 80% of the global search market and Facebook is the most popular website platform in the world.  Both offer businesses powerful advertising tools to sell their products and reach their target markets.  These tools, like Adwords & Adroll, can be extremely effective when executed with a strategic online marketing plan.  Unlike traditional print advertising, your investment in online advertising is justified and quantified by measurable clicks from quality viewers.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media is amazing and is here to stay.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus+, and LinkedIn are highly effective tools that have been a blessing to the business world because of their reach, real time effects, and the fact that they are free! However to maximize the power of social media you need to manage your accounts  and a create a strategic plan that compliments your banding and other online marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a science that continues to change and is governed by how Google decides they are going to index and rank websites.  The key to being found in organic searches is to keep up with Googles latest ranking requirements.  The good news is, as much as the rules may change from year to year, the requirements are designed to benefit local business and create a more relevant search experience for the user.  For example, if I search ‘carpet cleaner’ google now knows I live in squamish and my search results will only bring up carpet cleaners in my area, not every carpet cleaner across B.C.

Video Production & Marketing

Online video marketing can no longer be ignored, as YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google. Video marketing allows businesses to creatively advertise their brand through storytelling, education, and humour. With the right messaging and engagement, video marketing can set you miles apart from your competitors and drive brand exposure and sales.  Posting videos on Youtube will also increases your search engine optimization in Google. What are you waiting for? Let ROAR produce your next, or first marketing video!

Direct Email Marketing

Direct email marketing is still the most effective and affordable form of online marketing. With email marketing, you can track who is opening your emails, which links viewers are clicking on and how many viewers are forwarding your emails or sharing them through social media. Successful email campaigns are based on quality contact lists and engaging content that speaks to your target market and drives traffic to your online sales tools.

Press Releases for Online Publications & Blogs

Printed publications are becoming a thing of the past as people increasingly turn to online publications and blogs for news and information.  However, the traditional means of attracting the attention of writers remains the same.  A great press release sent to the right people is still the most effective way to get your story covered and acquire the support and trust of a writer’s followers.  

Search Engine Analytics

At the end of the day every business wants and needs to know what their ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI) is.  It is very difficult to determine your ROI using traditional print advertising methods. The beauty of online advertising is that you can track every ad, every click, every viewer, and this information is priceless when planning your next moves. With Google Analytics, and the proper translation of data, you can understand what is working in your marketing strategy and continue to invest in the area that have proven results.